Business accelerator program

Our mission is to deploy the industry’s top expertise and knowledge to elevate talented mobile game developers and their products to the top of the market.

Tailored expert evaluation

Receive feedback & insights on marketing, producing, and game design


The most promising projects will receive investment from MGVC

Product analytics

Recommendations on optimization of mechanics, gameplay, marketing metrics, and key project metrics


One-on-one meetings with event partners, opportunities to meet with key industry experts

Hybrid events format

An exclusive series of offline and online events, happening throughout the year and open to mobile developers from all over the world: best practices, industry insights from the top experts in the gaming industry. Register and join us!

Apply for one-on-one expert session with event partners
Discuss potential investments on the sidelines of the event
Product analytics: recommendations on optimization of mechanics, gameplay, marketing metrics, and key project metrics
Executive-level networking
Submit your project for a chance to receive an exclusive one-on-one feedback session with industry experts
Educational sessions with top industry leaders
Panel discussions, round tables, AMA sessions — prepare your topics and questions!
Relevant market topics — case studies, key trends (game design, marketing, production, live-ops, etc.)
Phillip Black

Game Economist, Deconstructor of Fun

Nick Matsokin

Executive Director, MGVC

Alina Babii

Industry Manager, Gaming, Google

Abir Roy

Principal BD Manager, AWS for Games

Aleksei Kazmin

Key Account Manager, AWS for Games

Eric Guan

Head of Economy Design at Superlayer (ex-Riot)

Dmitrii Ilinov

Senior Account Executive,

Christopher Kaczmarczyk-Smith

Director of Game Economy at ATMTA Inc

Artem Gordin

Manager, Gaming, Google

Michael Isidorov

Executive Producer, MGVC

Artyom Ripakov

Executive Producer, MGVC

Kate Dovnar

Executive Producer, MGVC

Sergey Kononov

Executive Producer, MGVC

Fedor Gerasimov

Senior Game Designer, MY.GAMES (Pixonic)

Arsenii Ivanov

Senior Account Manager, Gaming, Google

Daria Iakovleva

Analytical Consultant, Gaming, Google

Mikhail Ishenin

Solutions Architect, AWS for Games




2023-06-15 15:00 CEST

Live-ops and Player Engagement

Join us to discuss Live-Ops topics with invited experts and Game Drive partners

Let’s discuss how to operate a balanced event schedule, approach offer systems, optimise content production and some other useful topics connected with live-ops.

Coming soon

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You’ll need to fill out the form on our website. Please note that we need to receive all the requested information for in-depth consideration of a project as well as fair and detailed evaluation. We recommend you upload a presentation with a detailed description of your project including key metrics.
Offline events will be hosted in collaboration with key industry conferences and experts. Information about future offline events will be published in advance, so you can plan your participation.
To participate, submit your project here. Offline events will be held in invitation-only format.
To participate, you should submit your project here.
We evaluate a project on the totality of the metrics provided in your application. Authors of the most promising projects — in the experts view — will be invited to an exclusive one-on-one feedback session. We reserve the right to determine the number of these projects based on the quality and quantity of applications.
This is a closed-door meeting where projects pre-selected by Game Drive experts will be provided an assessment based on key metrics and information from their applications. Each project will be provided with expert evaluation and recommendations. One-on-one meetings will be held in invitation-only format.
We are accepting applications from mobile studios globally.
We will consider applications submitted in English.