Game Drive business platform

Game Drive is a business platform that deploys the industry’s top expertise and knowledge to elevate talented game developers and their products to the top of the market.

Access to top industry experts

Receive feedback & insights on marketing, producing, game design, and product analytics


Executive-level networking and meetings with event partners and other industry peers

Online & Offline events

An exclusive series of offline and online events: best practices and industry insights from the top experts in the gaming industry


An opportunity to meet with investors and publishers to discuss your projects

Phillip Black

Game Economist, Deconstructor of Fun

Nick Matsokin

Executive Director, MGVC

Christopher Kaczmarczyk-Smith

Director of Game Economy at ATMTA Inc

Abir Roy

Principal BD Manager, AWS for Games

Allison Bilas

COO GameAnalytics

Eric Guan

Head of Economy Design at Superlayer (ex-Riot)

Aleksei Kazmin

Key Account Manager, AWS for Games

Dmitrii Ilinov

Senior Account Executive,

Alina Babii

Industry Manager, Gaming, Google

Artem Gordin

Manager, Gaming, Google

Michael Isidorov

Executive Producer, MGVC

Artyom Ripakov

Executive Producer, MGVC

Kate Dovnar

Executive Producer, MGVC

Fedor Gerasimov

Senior Game Designer, MY.GAMES (Pixonic)

Daria Iakovleva

Analytical Consultant, Gaming, Google

Mikhail Ishenin

Solutions Architect, AWS for Games



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Founders of mobile and PC/Console studios and leaders of creative teams searching for ways to grow their business and for alternative solutions to the constantly arising game development challenges. Also, Game Drive will benefit anyone interested in the gaming industry and new connections.
We will host offline events in collaboration with key industry conferences and experts. Information about future offline events will be published beforehand so that you can plan your participation. Not to miss the announcement, subscribe to the Game Drive newsletter.
We will host online events in collaboration with key industry experts. Information about future online events will be published beforehand so that you can plan your participation. Not to miss the announcement and to receive a direct link to the event, subscribe to the Game Drive newsletter.
All the Game Drive events are held in English.
Game Drive Online and Offline events are hosted in collaboration with prominent industry figures. You can address your questions directly to the speakers during the online sessions. The only requirement is for the question related to the event topic. During the offline events, you can meet Game Drive experts and have a 1-on-1 discussion with them.
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